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  The “Ming Na” brand of Viesi was born in 2004. Marketed in China for many years, Viesi has been deeply favored by consumers in China, in different areas and levels at home, it has a lot of loyal consumers of “Ming Na” brand, in order to catch market advance chance more effectively, and set up marketing strategy more rapidly, the Linyi Viesi Daily Chemicals Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004 to plan the cosmetics career in China as a whole, such behavior becomes the powerful evidence to prove that Viesi energetically develops cosmetics industry in China.
  In order to cope with market demand and change the disadvantage of lower technical content in traditional cosmetic enterprises, Viesi enterprise applies the advantages in information, talent, fund, technology and other aspects of the domestic logistics metropolis, namely, Linyi, to introduce world’s advanced technology, idea, returned scholars talents, achieving the talent-intensive and knowledge-intensive novel cosmetic enterprise. Viesi enterprise implements talent highland strategy, possesses a group of high-quality talents, which is the headstone keeping prosperous enterprise for a long time. Viesi enterprise notes technological application, and now, it has been built the e-office application environment to build advanced and efficient working environment.
  Viesi enterprise implements customer-oriented and service-oriented marketing strategy to request all departments and staff of the enterprise to carry out works based on customer’s demands, so as to make dealers and customers sharing real service. Viesi enterprise is devoted to build top-ranking cosmetic brands for each level of women, make cosmetics entering into technological innovation age, make each level of women enjoying best and most delicate cosmetics, sharing first-rate service, and to enable more women to achieve the wish of retaining beauty”.